Get “Ride Ready” in September — Part 3

Here we are at the end of September already and as Motorcycle Awareness Month draws to a close, so too does our “Ride Ready” blog series.

With part 1 and part 2 in the rear-view, here’s our final selection from Ride Forever’s 21 for September checklist to help you get your bike and body on point.


1. Never forget your head checks

Know how to spot a blind spot.


2. All the gear, all the time

Cover up on every ride with a helmet, boots, gloves, armour, leathers and visor. ATGATT!


3. Ride like you’re invisible

Position yourself in traffic so you can always be seen. We’re not entering the visibility debate, but if you’re into high-vis details, these can also help you be seen.



4. Have a pre-ride chat

Get your riding buddies together and make a plan so everyone’s on the same page.  

If you’d like to enhance your ride by staying in touch with your friends or your pillion once you’ve set off, try a Bluetooth intercom set-up. If you’re a soul rider who rides solo a lot of the time, you can use one for music or phone calls.  



5. Plan your route

Take a look to see where the best place to stop is. Really intrepid riders go beyond tracking their ride with their phones and invest in satellite navigation devices. Sat navs have come a long way and motorcycle-specific models like the Garmin Zumo XT2 offer a large, six-inch sunlight-readable display and IPX7 water rating.

Motorcycle-specific Sat Navs can add another dimension to your riding.


6. Don’t chase your mates.

Catch up with your mates at the next stop.


7. Raise your sights

The further you look ahead, the more time you’ll have to react.


8. Book a Ride Forever course

Bike and gear sorted? Don’t forget your skills.

We hope our MAM blog series has helped motivate you to get Ride Ready and out on your bike this summer.

If you’d like to download Ride Forever’s 21 For September checklist for the shed, you can find it here.

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