Get “Ride Ready” in September — Part 2

Last week we celebrated Motorcycle Awareness Month (MAM) by showcasing seven ways to get “Ride Ready” in September — focusing on both bikes and bodies.

This week we’re looking at another selection from Ride Forever’s 21 for September checklist, to help us all reduce the risks when we’re out on the road doing what we love.

1. How safe is your gear?

Check out MotoCAP to see if it’s up to scratch. You’ll find a bunch of gear on there from our brands including Dririder, Oxford, Argon, Richa, LS2, Shoei and more. If you like what you see, check them out in more detail.

The best gear for you is the safest gear you can afford. 


2. Brush up on the road rules

Respect the rules so you arrive safe, every ride.


3. Know your tyre pressure 

Get a decent tyre pressure gauge and check your tyre pressure. If your bike’s been sitting in the garage all winter, there may have been some slow leakage. Conversely, if you’ve had a new set of tyres fitted it pays to check what pressure the shop put in them — it may differ from your preference, or worse; they may have forgotten to set it after overinflating to seat the bead. 
In any case, if you’re playing around with tyre pressure, make an adjustment, see how it feels and go from there, adjusting no more than 2psi at a time.

Do you know what your tyre pressure is? Time to find out!


4. Fine tune your skills 

Check out Ride Forever’s Online Coaching to nail your core riding skills. You can watch video modules tailored to your type of bike and either brush up on your theory or learn the basic principles which have been proven to improve rider safety.

Which bike type category do you fit into?


5. Get a pre-ride service  

It’s time to clean, check and service your bike. If you’re not confident on the tools, speak to your local bike shop — they can give your bike a birthday and help you make your next ride your best ride.


6. Be the best rider you can be   

Keep improving and enjoy every ride. When was the last time you practised emergency braking? How are your slow-speed skills? U-turns? Pick a car park and have some fun! 


Get into it    

We’re into week three of MAM now, and if you’re anything like us you’re looking at the upcoming weather and rubbing your hands together, ready to get out on your bike. 

Don’t forget, there are some serious prizes up for grabs for riders who visit and sign up for a FREE Ride Forever course in September or October. They’re worth over $1,000 each, so are nothing to sniff at! 

See you next week for our third and final instalment to celebrate MAM and get “Ride Ready” in September. 


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