WOSSNER CONROD KAW KX250 78-08 / KDX250 91-94

WOSSNER CONROD KAW KX250 78-08 / KDX250 91-94

Wossner | WOP2022

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For more than 35 years, Wössner successfully design and produce high-performance pistons and connecting rods.

In order to offer their customers the best of Wössner Power, their products are produced by using state-of-the-art technology and are subject to continuous quality control.

Performance, quality and longevity - this is what Wössner stands for with high-quality products.

Con Rod Kits

The Wössner 2-stroke connecting rods are always supplied with lifting pins, needle bearings, connecting rod bearings and spacers.
The Wössner 4-stroke connecting rods include crank pins and connecting rod bearings.
Please use our Fitments Tool to ensure the correct part is ordered.

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