LIGHTING STATOR KTM 125/200/300/380

LIGHTING STATOR KTM 125/200/300/380

Electrosport | ESL235

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ESL235 is a complete replacement LIGHTING stator for your KTM two-stroke. This lighting stator offers a healthy 50W of lighting output for powering a headlight. It comes as an aluminium plate with stator coil mounted, complete with wire leads, pulser and connectors, ready to plugin. The item is backed by a full one year warranty. This stator is a very cost-effective and high-quality replacement for the OE stator with the added benefit of lighting output.

NOTE: Some early KTM models were supplied with different OEM stators. ElectroSports ESL235 is not suitable as a replacement for the KOKUSAN 2K-3 stator.

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