Bridgestone 120/605-17 V02 Soft Front Racing Slick


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Bridgestone's flagship non-DOT race tire. Whether you are just starting out, or competing for a podium finish, the RACING BATTLAX V02 has your back.

A spec combining a soft compound for cornering grip and a medium compound for abrasion resistance. Delivering a wider range by adopting multi-compound.

Not for use on public roads.

Key benefits:

  • Improved stability and grip while cornering*
  • Longer life, and improved lap times*
  • GP-Belt™ rear increases contact patch and improves overall grip and tire wear*
  • Tire warmers recommended


  • Standard Rim: 3.5″ / Appr.Rim: 3.50″- 3.75″
  • OD (mm): 603 / TW (mm): 117

*Compared to the Racing Battlax V01