Leatt 3.5 Junior Neck Brace - Tested & Approved by Mums

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The way we ride and more importantly the way we fall is very similar whether you prefer pedal or engine power. Some Mums got together and had their sons test out the Leatt 3.5 Junior Neck Brace. Read on to find out what they, and their kids had to say...


Oliver Hubler, 11 years old




Adjustable & designed to fit younger riders




  • Weight: Approx. 497g
  • CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC
  • Adjustable to fit most body shapes
  • Rigid, non-flexible polyamide reinforced EPS platform
  • $379.00
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At some point in the past six months, my 12-year-old son started hitting jumps and drops beyond what I am comfortable riding. It's been a big change going from towing him into things to now having him tow ME in! As a mom, it seems fairly normal that I want to protect my mini-tornado from injury and give him all the protective equipment to minimize the chance of anything catastrophic happening. We all know mountain biking has risks, but so does driving down the freeway in a car. Chatting with other moms whose kids are also hitting jumps that make us cringe, it seemed that a neck brace as an option had been completely overlooked by us.

We passed the neck brace around to two kids to tell us how it felt to ride with...

Overall, my son indicated he pretty much forgot the brace was there when he was out riding and that it felt very light and he didn't notice any chaffing. Our friend's 11-year-old son Oliver stated, "it feels great. I don't notice it unless I'm wearing a hydration pack. It works great with a hip pack. I think its a very well designed piece of protective gear. It's important so that I don't break my neck if I crash!"

If you have a lil shredder, this might just be the Holiday season to invest in a neck brace and the Leatt DBX 3.5 Junior Fuel Neck brace seems to be a great tested and proven option designed to fit on a small body. There is nothing more important than keeping our cargo safe.

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