Which Boot Is Right For My Adventure?

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Just picked up a new Honda Africa Twin, BMW F850 Adventure or another fantastic adventure touring machine but having trouble deciding which boots are perfect for you? Will your road boots do the trick, maybe you seek the protection of a motocross boot or an adventure specific boot will tick all the boxes? Today we’re going to break down the benefits of each boot, so you can make an educated decision for your next adventure boot purchase.

Unfortunately, if you do plan on doing some riding off the beaten path your usual road boots aren’t going to make the cut. Mostly due to their low-cut design and protection that is more oriented towards abrasion and impact resistance for sliding down the tarmac compared to the twisting that often occurs during off-road riding. If you do plan on riding only on the road, by all means, stick with road boots and check out our great options below!

Gaerne Gore-Tex Helium: Offer a great lightweight and breathable design while remaining waterproof.
Gaerne NY AquaTech: A leather construction with a more laidback touring design for comfort, includes Gaerne’s breathable & waterproof AquaTech membrane.


On the opposite end of the scale are heavily off-road-oriented motocross boots, including the likes of Gaerne’s GX1, Fastback & SG12 these boots are solely designed to provide exceptional ankle protection and generally have a tougher construction compared to road boots to protect against punctures and debris. If you plan on riding significantly more off-road than road it is worth considering motocross boots for their superior protection. It is worth noting that motocross boots are generally more water-resistant than waterproof, they have a higher cut that stops just below the knee which can lead to digging at the back of the knee in certain positions and while Gaerne is known for exceptional comfort, they won’t provide all-day comfort (largely due to their weight) when compared to road or adventure boots.

Gaerne GX1: Gaerne’s entry-level off-road boot provides good protection & comfort at an affordable price.
Gaerne Fastback: A great mid-range boot with features & benefits taken from the flagship SG12, great ankle pivot that prevents hyperextension without limiting flexibility.
Gaerne SG12: Gaerne’s flagship motocross boot, providing exceptional comfort & protection for the most dedicated off-road enthusiasts.


Last but not least are Adventure specific motorcycle boots, you’re probably thinking if there are boots specifically for adventure riding why even consider the others? Well, again this is determined by your choice of riding. If you are going to be riding on and off-road in equal measure or on-road with moments of off-road adventuring adventure boots are right up your alley. Simply put, adventure boots are modified off-road boots, they have a similar leather construction, buckle closing system with Velcro top closure and a durable grippy sole.

However, adventure boots differ by having a lower cut, typically around halfway up the calf which still provides the necessary protection against debris but reduces weight and eliminates the possibility of digging in behind the knee significantly improving all-day riding comfort. Select models will also include a form of waterproofing whether it be Gore-Tex or AquaTech which help to keep your feet dry while maintaining breathability. Adventure boots include:

Gaerne G.Adventure: Gaerne’s entry-level adventure boot the G.Adventure provides good protection & comfort necessary for an adventure rider, while Gaerne’s AquaTech membrane provides breathability & waterproofing.
Gaerne G.Midland: Gaerne’s Midland is great for on or off-road riding making it the ideal affordable adventuring boot, features from both road & off-road boots combine to provide great protection & comfort while the Gore-Tex membrane provides excellent breathability and waterproofing.
Gaerne G.All Terrain: True to its name the All-Terrain can go anywhere at any time, this premium adventure boot boasts excellent comfort & protection for the serious adventurer with a Gore-Tex lining for unsurpassed waterproofing & breathability.
Dririder Adventure C1: Dririders C1 offers great anti-twist and puncture-resistant properties with a waterproof & breathable lining for all-weather use.


All boots mentioned are available online at Bits4Bikes or at your local Gaerne/Dririder stockist.

*Certain sizes are only available through backorder.

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