Traction For Your Adventure!

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Are you chewing through tyres on the road, or slipping and sliding when venturing off-road and stumped on what tyre is best suited for your adventure? Featuring world-leading tyres from both Bridgestone and Shinko our tyre guide will ensure you obtain the best grip for your adventure riding.

Bridgestone’s ALL-NEW AX41 Adventure Tyres and Shinko’s E804/E805 Series Tyres have been specifically engineered for riders who enjoy touring in the great unknown. With significant improvements in off-road performance these tyres are great for riders who regularly adventure off-road, DOT approved they provide good on-road performance enabling you to get to and from your off-road adventure with ease.

If you’re more into your on-road adventures with a dash of back-country gravel road exploration the Bridgestone A41 Adventure Tyres or Shinko E705 Series Tyres are perfect for you, these tyres provide excellent on-road wet performance, dry stability and improved handling. Shorter braking distances on wet roads and enhanced cornering grip provide a more comfortable riding experience.

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