Should You Buy an Adventure Helmet?

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Having trouble deciding what helmet is perfect for you? While it may seem like a simple decision it can get complicated. Firstly, you need to ask yourself (and be honest) how much riding you plan on doing and where it will be? Will your new adventure bike be regularly exploring the great unknown or will you be sticking to the pavement with a dash of gravel roads to fill in the blanks?

Adventure helmets are an odd bread, the likes of LS2’s MX436 Pioneer and the Shoei Hornet are most certainly in a class of their own. Adventure helmets essentially take the best of road and the best of off-road to make something that sits perfectly in the middle. It’s no secret that road and off-road helmets are significantly different to each other, and for good reason, therefore an adventure helmet isn’t going to outperform a road or off-road helmet in their respective environments.

But don’t let that put you off buying one if you’re going to be doing a mix of off-road adventuring and road touring adventure helmets are made exactly for you. Modern technology and aerodynamics have made the adventure helmet a reality, their technologically advanced peaks significantly reduce drag at high speeds compared to a traditional off-road helmet enabling them to provide a decent on-road experience, and the additional ventilation will assist in keeping you cool at the slower speeds associated with off-road adventure riding.

Shoei Hornet: Shoei don’t do anything by halves, so when they began developing the Hornet ADV, no detail was left out. An AIM+ shell and EQRS technology provide excellent protection while the 3D centre and cheek pads provide premium comfort in all conditions. A specially designed peak reduces drag when riding on the open road.
LS2 MX436 Pioneer: Constructed using LS2’s KPA shell paired with a multi-density EPS liner the MX436 Pioneer provides unrivalled performance and affordability. Channelled ports with strategic intake & exhaust vent placement provide excellent ventilation on and off-road.


Adventures come in all forms and if you’re planning on sticking to the pavement with some back-country gravel road exploration a Flip-Front (Modular) helmet may be exactly what you’re wanting out of your head protection. In comparison to adventure helmets, a Flip-Front helmet will provide better high-speed ventilation, will often be more aerodynamic and when exploring slower gravel roads, the front can be lifted to prevent you from overheating.

Shoei NEOTEC II: Wind tunnel engineered aerodynamics provide one of the most comfortable and quiet experiences from a Flip-Front helmet. Constructed using Shoei’s proprietary AIM shell technology the NEOTEC II will meet all your requirements of comfort and safety.
LS2 FF399 Valiant: Constructed with LS2’s KPA shell technology their premium Flip-Front helmet the Valiant offers a full 180° swing-around chin bar that significantly reduces drag when opened. An in-built dropdown sun visor is easy to use and blocks out excessive sunlight.
LS2 FF325 Strobe: LS2’s entry-level Flip-Front helmet, the FF325 Strobe has been developed with the best technology to guarantee safety, protection and comfort throughout your route. The Strobe provides excellent performance at an extremely affordable price with features taken from their premier FF399 Valiant the Strobe is the only choice for those seeking an affordable helmet without sacrifices in safety and protection.


As mentioned above, nothing will perform better on the road than a helmet made specifically for the road and the same applies for off-road riding. If you are seeking the best performance and experience, it is worth considering buying a road and off-road helmet. An off-road helmet paired with your choice of goggles will provide unsurpassed ventilation at slower speeds, a peak that protects against sun-strike and an extended chin bar that will provide further ventilation and in most cases, the helmet will be substantially lighter than an adventure helmet.

Shoei VFX-WR: Shoei’s premium off-road motorcycle helmet; the VFX-WR provides unparalleled impact protection along with exceptional rotational energy absorption courtesy of Shoei’s proprietary M.E.D.S technology.
LS2 MX470 Subverter: Constructed with a world first KPA shell the Subverter takes a new approach to energy absorption and with a total of 19 intake/exhaust vents LS2’s MX470 Subverter is guaranteed to keep you cool when tackling the off-road environment.
LS2 MX437 Fast: LS2’s entry-level off-road helmet the MX437 Fast is constructed with the same KPA shell as their elite Subverter and includes a fully removable & washable liner and the Emergency Release System, features often associated with helmets 3-4x the Fast’s very affordable $229.00 price tag.


Riding off-road, navigating obstacles and lifting your ride after a fall is exhausting and you will quickly appreciate the lighter and cooler off-road helmet. If you are considering having an on and off-road helmet we recommend using a helmet bag, the Oxford Lidstash Deluxe Helmet Bag will keep your secondary helmet protected when not in use and can be secured to your ride so you can make quick and easy changes when switching up the terrain. If two helmets isn't a possibility but you ride off-road more than on-road it will be worth taking a bag to remove the visor for on-road riding. Most modern off-road helmets visor mounting systems are quick and easy to use compared to complicated systems of the past.

All helmets mentioned are available online at Bits4Bikes or at your local Shoei/LS2 stockist.

*Certain sizes are only available through backorder.

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