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Riding off-road on your adventure can get tricky, and if the sun is nothing but a memory you’re going to want the best lighting possible to brighten your path. No one compares to Denali Electronics when it comes to performance lighting, with an extensive range of ultra-bright LED kits they are guaranteed to light your way. In addition to their high-performance lights, Denali also manufactures the CANsmart™ Controller, a device that enables you to control your accessories from the CANbus wiring system found on many BMW adventure bikes.

Denali 2.0 D4 TriOptic LED Light Kit: Simply put; the Denali D4 is a beast. It is Denali's most powerful light packing the punch of 8,760 lumens in a pair of aggressively styled housings.
Denali 2.0 DR1 TriOptic LED Light Kit: The unique oversized reflector in the DR1 creates an industry-leading 1,000-foot beam distance from a single pair of 10-watt LEDs.
Denali 2.0 D2 TriOptic LED Light Kit: The D2 light was designed to create an impressive beam of light that is the perfect balance between night-time distance and daytime conspicuity.
Denali 2.0 DM TriOptic LED Light Kit: The DM was designed to concentrate all 2,190 lumens into a small optic to create a super compact light that is incredibly bright to look at.
Denali CANsmart™ Controller: The Denali CANsmart™ Controller provides plug-n-play installation and integrated control of up to four accessories to enable dozens of customisable settings that can be controlled right from your BMW "WonderWheel" or the CANsmart™ Accessory Manager Software.


Adventure riding is substantially more demanding than cruising down the highway on your Goldwing, it can require you to muscle the bike around and over obstacles in all types of weather conditions. You’re going to need to secure your grip of the motorcycle and there’s no better way than the Oxford Adventure Grips. The Oxford Adventure Grips provide additional grip using a half waffle design and are available in medium or firm compounds ensuring the perfect fit for you. Additionally, Oxford also produces an Adventure styled Hot Grip, ideal for adventuring in cold, wet or muddy conditions.

Oxford Adventure Grips: Constructed for use on adventure bikes the Oxford Adventure grips have ergonomically engineered surface structures to optimise riding performance. Thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear; rhombus tread pattern for vibration absorption; 5 block waffle tread patterns for high levels of grip and feel and a diamond tread pattern where maximum grip is required.
Oxford Premium Adventure Hot Grips: Oxford Hot Grips are the perfect accessory for maintaining warm hands all year round. The Oxford Premium Adventure Hot Grips are constructed with an adventure specific grip, ideal for on and off-road use.


Sooner or later if you’re tackling off-road terrains you’re going to drop your bike, Bark Busters provide excellent protection for you and your ride when riding and crashing. Bark Busters reduce the risk of breaking your clutch or brake lever in a fall which can quickly leave you up a creek without a paddle, they also protect your hands from debris and being crushed if your bars connect with a tree or rock. Universal fitting and available in several different designs and colours, there’s a perfect Bark Buster to suit you and your ride.

BarkBuster Jet & EGO Handguards: Available for 7/8” and 1-1/8” handlebars each with 7 different colours available there are the perfect Barkbuster Handguards to suit your ride and your style. Replacement plastic is available separately if damaged while saving your hands or leavers!
BarkBuster Storm Handguards: Barkbusters Storm Handguards are designed specifically for street & adventure bikes, constructed with a taller plastic guard they are great at deflecting roost & debris and come in multiple options for fitting to street & adventure bikes.


Venturing off the beaten path is what adventure riding is all about, but that can bring forth its own set of problems. It is always best to prepare for a disaster, a simple flat tyre or loose handlebars can turn in to a day-long nightmare trying to get your bike back to civilisation. Fortunately, we have three convenient kits available to remedy most situations. The Whites Under Seat Tool Kit, Whites Puncture Repair Kit and Oxford Under Seat First Aid Kit will provide necessary assistance in most emergency situations and are all conveniently sized for easy and accessible storage.

Whites Under Seat Tool Kit: The Whites Motorcycle Tool Kit is a set of 27 of the most essential tools required to keep you going on your adventure. The kit includes sockets, Allen keys, screwdrivers and more.
Whites Puncture Repair Kit: The Whites Puncture Repair Kit contains everything required for emergency road/trackside repairs of your tubeless tyres, without having to remove the wheel. All found in a conveniently sized kit for under seat storage.
Oxford Under Seat First Aid Kit: The ultra-compact design enables this kit to be stored under your motorcycle seat ensuring you always have access to first aid equipment during your rides, perfect for adventure riding when you venture off the beaten path.

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