Leatt Z-Frame Knee Brace

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I know what you’re thinking, “my knee guards are perfect for what I do, I’m no Supercross star or Enduro Champion”. While knee guards do provide basic impact protection to your knee they can leave you with a nasty bruise and weeklong limp from severe impacts. Trust me, I tested this theory, so you don’t have to. Knee guards also don’t provide you with the necessary support to prevent hyperextension, causing severe ACL injuries.

Thankfully Leatt is looking out for the little guy with the all-new Z-Frame Knee Brace and at a very impressive $549.00 they won’t break the bank. Stacked full of top of the line features adopted from Leatt’s C/X-Frame braces the Z-frame is perfect for those desiring the exceptional protection of a knee brace without costing an arm or leg. The Z-frame is designed to replicate the mechanics of the knee, while either deflecting or absorbing impact as required and is CE certified as both a medical device and impact protection, this is where science and performance mesh to deliver pure, unrivalled Thrill!

Constructed with an injected composite chassis and slim hinges the Z-frame provides superior bike feel while remaining lightweight for a comfortable fit. Designed to customise your fit with interchangeable hinge padding sizes while a low-profile strap system and shin pad ensure an excellent fit in your boot. Lightweight aluminium hinge covers give the Z-frame additional rigidity and durability.

The Z-frame boasts the certified medical device ratings EU CA014741 and USA FDA 10048761 along with CE certification Knee EN1621-1. A reduction of forces combined with hyperextension limitations at 5, 10, 15 and 20 degrees prevent ACL, Meniscus and MCL injuries.

Available at Bits4Bikes and your local Leatt stockist treat yourself for 2019 while receiving some of the best knee protection money (but not a lot of it) can buy. The Z-frame is available in small, medium, large and x-large providing you with the perfect fit no matter your build.

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