History & Technology of Motobatt Batteries

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Founded in 2008, Motobatt is a manufacturer of premium Powersports batteries, battery chargers and battery related accessories. Motobatt is the creator and holds patents all over the world for the Motobatt 4 terminal battery that facilitates flexible battery installation across a wide variety of vehicles while maintaining an OE like fit.

Due to their 4 terminal design and innovation just 38 Motobatt batteries cover 238 OEM part numbers, this may appear irrelevant to you, but this enables your local dealer to limit their stocked range to just 38 batteries while still covering an extensive range of applications, significantly improving the likelihood that your required battery is in stock and available right away greatly easing your purchasing experience and getting you back on the bike as quick as possible.

Amongst their battery range Motobatt offers two “types” of batteries all with their own unique benefits and sub-categories, these types are their Quadflex (AGM) and Pro Lithium batteries. Motobatt also offer an extensive selection of battery chargers, testers, maintainers and accessories all designed to simplify and complete your Motobatt battery experience.

Motobatt batteries are manufactured from Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), this design has revolutionised the motorcycle, ATV, lawnmower and small engine industry. QuadFlex provides a unique four-terminal design with two positives, two negatives along with height spacers that permit an almost universal fit. All Motobatt AGM Batteries are maintenance-free, non-hazardous, non-spill, charged and ready to install directly out of the box.

Each plate in the battery is wrapped in a fiberous glass matting which not only absorbs all liquid electrolyte but keeps the plates separated in a cushioned environment. This stops the plates from vibrating which can breakdown the plate and cause short circuits between the plates or break plate welds which result in battery failure. The thick, heavy plates used in Motobatt designs really make the difference.

AGM batteries also have a much lower inherent self-discharge rate than wet flooded types. And, as a higher amp hour AGM battery, the Motobatt battery can also discharge more deeply and recover repeatedly under the vehicle alternator charge or through maintenance charging. A standard flooded cell battery is not capable of withstanding this type of cycling without premature failure.

Your Motobatt is a Factory Activated battery, it comes to you pre-conditioned and fully charged for optimum performance and ready to install out of the box. 80% of early Powersports battery failure is caused by faulty activation of the dry battery plates. Additionally, you never have to mess with acid or top up fluid levels or remove corrosion from the terminals caused by gassing, which are all common with standard flooded battery types.

Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries are around 3x lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries, yet they produce even greater cranking performance ideal in competitive environments. This additional power translates into the ability to provide strong starting currents that are required for reliable, repeated starts at a wider range of temperatures than lead-acid batteries. Due to their very low idle discharge, Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries can retain charge after more than a year of inactivity. Pro Lithium batteries have a high life expectancy with over 2000 cycles compared to around 500 for a lead-acid battery, while also boasting a short recharge time, supplying up to 90% charge after only 6 minutes.

Accompanying their industry-leading batteries is Motobatt’s extensive range of accessories including their top of the line chargers, jump starters and maintainers.

Smart chargers are required for use on all AGM or GEL batteries. Sealed Valve Regulated batteries (AGM and Gel) may be damaged or dried out and ruined if they are overcharged. The damage that can be caused by improper charging becomes permanent and gets worse over time. All major Powersports vehicle manufacturers now use AGM batteries from the factory. The correct way to charge or maintain these AGM batteries is with a smart charger, and with its exclusive 9 step algorithm technology Motobatt is the best option.

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