2019 Off-Road Gear Range

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With the start of daylight savings and summer just around the berm, we find Christmas has come early with the release of the new and improved motocross gear range. With updated gear and some brand-new products for 2019, what isn’t there to get excited about? And as usual, we have your shopping list sorted from head to toe with the likes of Fly, Shoei, Dragon and Gaerne.

Shoei, the worlds premier helmet manufacturer.

Rotational impact has been all the talk around helmets lately and Shoei isn’t known to disappoint, with most helmet brands adopting the well-known M.I.P.S technology that wasn’t enough for Shoei, so they created the Motion Energy Distribution System or M.E.D.S for short. Now with this brilliant new technology what to do with it? Afterall Shoei has always had a well performing lightweight motocross helmet, well, Shoei simply yet effectively added the M.E.D.S system to their VFX-W, creating the VFX-WR.

The VFX-WR retains its legendary lightweight nature and aggressive yet stylish design. Maintaining its multi-density dual-layer EPS liner now incorporated with M.E.D.S technology the VFX-WR will protect the rider from low and high-speed impacts while reducing rotational acceleration to the rider’s head by 15% without adding any additional weight to the helmet overall. Available in XS-2XL and 15 colour variants we have the perfect VFX-WR for you.



From humble beginnings to world-leading eye protection.

New to the Dragon Goggle range comes the MXV series, as worn by 2018 AMA Supercross Champion Jason Anderson. The MXV series consists of three premium goggles, the MXV Max, MXV Plus and MXV. All compatible with Dragons incredible colour optimised Lumalens technology which offers ultra-high-definition optics across the entire spectrum of light conditions.

All three models use the same lens so you can be assured your spare lens will fit no matter which model you go for, or upgrade to in the future. Each with a 15-inch silicone backed strap for a secure non-slip fit, a slim frame profile reducing bulk while increasing peripheral vision and ventilation. The MXV Max features a dual outrigger with the MXV Plus featuring a single outrigger, both providing a superior frame to helmet fit and tear-off compatibility. To reduce cost the MXV includes a single layer foam, while the MXV Plus and Max have triple layer foam, all three use the same open cell foam technology for a comfortable fit and excellent sweat absorption. So, no matter your budget Dragon has a premium, Lumalens compatible goggle for you.



More than just shirts and pants, Fly Racing is an inspiration.

Established in 1998 and improving year upon year FLY Racing will become the official and exclusive gear sponsor, including helmet, gloves, jersey, pants and boots of the 2019 AMA Monster Energy Supercross. By ensuring there is a perfect kit for everyone whether you’re a weekend warrior, casual racer or professional athlete Fly have your back (and legs) covered.

Lite Hydrogen delivers unparalleled lightweight performance, comfort, and flexibility. Fly continue to develop and improve the Lite Hydrogen line through constant feedback from their athletes—both amateur and pro. The goal has always been to create the lightest, most breathable racewear with an athletic tailored fit. The new Lite Hydrogen race pant is 136 grams lighter than last year’s pant. Each panel has been carefully analysed to ensure that the rider has maximum flexibility, breathability, and support where needed. Available in two limited edition styles for 2019, the Paradise and Seafoam add a little extra for those seeking a unique touch to their performance racewear.

Fly’s women’s racewear line has been at the head of the pack for over a decade. They’ve always created racewear specifically for women, not just men’s gear in women’s sizes. To continue this tradition for 2019, they have created new Lite Women’s Racewear. An all-new line of stretch construction racewear designed to provide an anatomically correct fit for the female body providing ultimate comfort and performance.



Italy, known for fast bikes, exceptional riders and the best boots money can buy!

Considered the most comfortable motocross boots in production Gaerne are back at it again for 2019. Coming to the Gaerne party are the new limited edition SG12 Aqua and SG12 Army, perfect for those wanting a unique style from the most comfortable and protective premium motocross boot on the market. Between the GX-1, G-React, SGJ, SG10 and SG12 available in 16 colour options across the range Gaerne has a boot that will fit your foot, your budget and your style.

In conclusion...

Whether you’re looking for functionality with an attractive price tag or seeking pro-level performance from your set up we have everything you need. From Fly Maverik boots to Gaerne SG12’s, F-16 to Lite Hydrogen and Fly’s Elite to the Shoei VFX-WR all available in numerous colours and sizes we can guarantee we have the perfect kit for you, so head on down to your local dealer or order online at bits4bikes because Santa has jumped the gun and is making early deliveries this year!


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