2019 Bridgestone to the Burt

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Disembarking from WhitesHQ on the 4th of February our very own Hayden Mills (National Sales Manager) and Dave McArthur (In-house Bridgestone Specialist) will be making the trek south to experience the world-famous Burt Munro Challenge live and loud. Riding their Bridgestone shod crotch rockets all the way from Hamilton to Invercargill! Let’s hope they have packed their gel seats...

On their journey they will be stopping off at some motorcycle shops and the odd scenic location for a photo opportunity, so keep an eye on our Whites Powersports Instagram and Facebook to follow the journey.

During the event, Hayden and Dave will be assisting the crew at MotoSouth, as well as showcasing the latest range of Bridgestone tyres (S22’s) and hosting a BBQ on Saturday, so stop on by for a cold refreshment and a bite to eat.

Hamilton to Invercargill:

On the 11th of February, the boys will begin their return journey to Hamilton taking a slightly different route. If your stop is along the way or if you’re after some riding company don’t be shy to have a chat with them at MotoSouth before their departure.

Invercargill to Hamilton Route:

In total Hayden and Dave will clock up 3,577 kilometres, 1,754 from Hamilton to Invercargill and another 1,823 from Invercargill back to Hamilton.


Burt Munro & The Burt Munro Challenge

Born in Edendale in 1899 Herbert James “Burt” Munro’s contribution to New Zealand motorcycling was exponential and he achieved what most can only dream of. In 1920, Burt purchased his first Indian Scout the 627th to leave the American factory, the bike that would later become known as the “Munro Special”. Munro worked as a motorcycle salesman and mechanic during the day and then spent his night’s improving the Munro Special. Due to his tight budget, Munro would cleverly cast most of his parts by using old tins, he even made a micrometre which was comprised of an old spoke. That’s some classic kiwi engineering and ingenuity right there.

After setting numerous records in New Zealand he made his first trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah in the United States in 1961, and again in 1962 competing for the first time at the age of 63. During his visit in 1962, he set his first world land speed record of 288km/h in the 883cc class with his engine bored out to 850cc. Munro would return to Bonneville a further 8 times, setting world records in both 1966 and 1967 in the 1000cc class at 270.476km/h (920cc) and 295.453km/h (950cc), later amended to 296.2593km/h. In 1967 during qualifying Burt made a one way run of 305.89km/h (190.07mph), the fastest ever officially recorded speed on an Indian motorcycle.


To celebrate and honour Burt Munro’s extraordinary and inspirational life the Burt Munro Challenge is held every year. First held in 2006, the Burt Munro challenge has since become one of NZ’s major motorsport events, with an incredible local, national and rising international following. Attracting top New Zealand riders, weekend warriors and motorcycle enthusiasts together to honour Burt Munro’s ingenuity, determination and love of speed and motorcycles.

Beginning on the 6th February and concluding on the 10th February the Burt Munro Challenge will consist of 7 events, the Southland Honda Have a Go Day, Classic Motorcycle Mecca NZ Hill Climb Championship, Hirepool Twilight Drag Racing, Indian Motorcycle NZ Beach Racing Championships, E Hayes & Sons Teretonga Sprint Races, Sievwright Oreti Park Speedway and the Honda Invercargill Street Races.

Once all 7 events are concluded the Munro Family presents a trophy to the Competitor of the Year, in honour of Burt. The family attends each event and looks for competitors who exhibit similar traits to Burt. They investigate whether competitors compete in Burt’s speciality events, maintain their own motorcycles, design and create their own parts and are willing to give everything to win.

Past Winners of the Burt Munro Challenge Competitor of the Year:

2018: Neil Ritchie
2016: Gary Wells
2015: Doug Wood
2014: Francie Winteringham
2013: Alan Kempster
2012: Rhys Wilson
2011: Heath Botica
2010: Kevin Ryan
2008: Kevin Ryan
2007: Peter Jones


Information regarding spectator camping, event schedules and entry:

Accommodation & Travelling information:

Location of MotoSouth:

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