Gaerne Prestige Gore-Tex Boot - Black


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Gaerne is proudly Italian owned and operated with unrivalled experience in the production of performance-orientated motorcycle boots. Gaerne incorporates feedback from top athletes Malcolm Stewart, Marco Melandri and more along with the use of advanced technologies and painstaking material selection to create forward-thinking motorcycle boots. Gaerne boots are 100% designed and handcrafted in Italy, as Gaerne believes in a premium quality that can only be achieved in their own local factory.

Gaerne's Prestige boots are designed for long-distance hardcore touring. Constructed from comfortable and durable full-grain leather with a Gore-Tex membrane giving the Prestige a waterproof nature while retaining breathability. The front and rear instep area are layered with stretch material for additional flexibility. A zip and Velcro tab along with an elastic insert allowing for easier and precise adjustment completes the closure system and ensures the boots remain in place and comfortable throughout your ride. An integrated PU shift pad eliminates pressure points when shifting gears and reflex inserts on the front and side improve visibility. The rubber soles have strategically placed grip areas that provide exceptional stability and maximum grip on and off the bike.

Full-grain leather construction
Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane
Front and rear stretch material instep area
Velcro and zip double closure system
Accordion stretch front
Gear change patch
Reflective insert front and rear
Reinforced front area
Thermoplastic protection ankle and front plate
Rubber sole has a specific design for excellent grip

What is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane. Invented in 1969, Gore-Tex can repel liquid water while allowing water vapour to pass through and is designed to be a lightweight, waterproof fabric for all-weather use. The Gore-Tex membrane contains pores smaller than a water droplet, but larger than a water vapour molecule. So, rain can’t get in, but sweat can get out.