HD 1.4KW PREST. 66-88 B/TWIN BLK  80-1007

HD 1.4KW PREST. 66-88 B/TWIN BLK 80-1007

All Balls | AB801007

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ALL BALLS starter motors are manufactured with all new components that have been fine-tuned for starting the H-D V-twin engine. Our clutches utilize 20% oversize rollers, and the idler gears are manufactured from cold-headed steel. End frames are cold-chamber die cast and machined on precision fixtures. Armature hairpins are resistance-fused to the commutator. All starters are supplied with a 10/32 threaded output shaft, and a conversion bolt for the earlier 1/4-20 threaded output shafts.
Quality design and construction of every All Balls piece meets the toughest standards and conditions - from daily commuting to full-on racing, all older bearing and seal designs are upgraded to the best and latest specs and designs.

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