Bridgestone | 17X120/70RS10

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Bridgestone has re-engineered the design and added new formula compounds to upgrade the performance of its Battlax range, now showcased in its newest tire: the Battlax Racing Street RS10.

To raise dry-surface grip and performance levels, while maintaining current wet performance levels, Bridgestone engineers concentrated on RS10's contact area, grip level, stability and damping, in a total re-examination of current designs and construction.

The contact area was improved through the development of new front and rear patterns featuring an extra-long pitch design with grooves aligned in the direction of forces acting on the tire during cornering, using analysis techniques developed in Bridgestone's MotoGP program. This design increases block stiffness and adds more stability and predictable behavior, leaving the rider with a confident feeling of stability on the brakes and in the acceleration phase.

This cornering stability is further enhanced by the new 3D design of the groove walls which adds stiffness to the tread blocks. On the rear pattern, separate short-lag grooves promote the right sort of tire deformation around the grooves during cornering, helping to increase grip and acceleration out of corners.

Higher levels of grip over a wider temperature range are added by the use of a newly-developed compound, providing riders with superior handling and line-tracing precision. The RS10 profile was also revised, giving the new tire a larger contact area in mid- to high-angle leans, producing better grip. This improvement gives the rider better line-tracing precision and a more confident feeling through corners.

In terms of construction, Battlax RS10 has been revised to upgrade cornering, add stability and provide a smoother ride. The front tire's mono-spiral belt is made with stiffer steel which improves the rigidity of the tread area. The rear tire also has a softer sidewall construction for a smoother ride and is more than a pound lighter than the RS10 predecessor (BT003 Racing Street), which reduces the gyro effect, making leans easier in corners. From compound side the rear tire adopts a cap and base layer compound in order to reinforce the stiffness of the tread. These tires, which are designed for use on public roads, deliver strong sport performance. Employing MotoGP Technology refined from more than 10 years of supplying tires to MotoGP, the world's top motorcycle racing class, these tires improve grip on dry road surfaces to help shave racetrack lap times. They also deliver impressive handling and stability for more comfortable driving on winding roads.

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