Frequently Asked Questions


To power on the WiFi Docking Station insert the USB Power and Data Cable into the microUSB power port as shown below.

The WiFi Docking Station (or WDS) is a charging dock and will also automatically update the firmware of the main unit. In order for the WDS to check for updates it needs to be setup to connect to your WiFi network. You will only need to perform the WiFi connection one time.

Setup the WiFi Connection

Before you begin you will need to know your in-home WiFi network name (SSID) and password, and that you have assembled the AC power adapter. Later in the setup below it will ask you to plug in the WDS in to the AC wall charger.

1. Open the 30K Utility App.

2. Click the menu button and select the “WiFi Docking Station” menu.

3. Follow the instructions on the 30K Utility App to connect your WiFi Docking Station to a WiFi network.

Connect New Device.

Connect the WDS to the AC power adapter.

Go to WiFi Setting and select the network name "SENA WDS-xxxxxx" when it appears. Return to the app after selecting the network name.

Verify the settings in app and hit Next to connect to your WiFi network.

Select your WiFi name from the list and enter the password.

Setup is completed when you see this screen below and the WiFi LED on the docking station will turn to solid blue


No. The firmware for the WiFi Docking Station has to be updated manually through the Sena WiFi Accessories App for iPhone or Android phones.

No. Once the WiFi Docking Station is connected to your WiFi network then a smart phone can only be used to configure the WiFi Docking Station through the Sena Accessory App for iPhone or Android phones.

Yes. Once the WiFi Docking Station is setup using the WiFi Accessory App then it will be connected to your WiFi network so that new firmware versions can be downloaded for your headset automatically when they are available.


A factory reset allows you to clear the network settings in the WDS. If you want to restore the WiFi Docking Station to the factory default settings, you can easily reset the unit:

1. Locate the pinhole reset button underneath the docking station.

2. Gently insert a paperclip into the hole and tap the Factory Reset Button with light pressure.

3. The WiFi Docking Station will automatically restart with the three LEDs on.




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