MTX Discs

MTX DISCS - Powersports Disc Rotors



MTX Discs provide amazing braking controls to your motorcycle. All MTX discs are designed and manufactured with world leading, cutting edge technologies:

  • Precision CNC machined and laser cut technology
  • Japanese SUS 420 Stainless Steel
  • Replacement for Original Equipment
  • OEM Design; lightening & drill hole patterns

All MTX Disc brake rotors meet or exceed original fitments, your motorcycle disc can be replaced or upgraded by choosing between the available MTX series:

  • Solid Series Discs
  • Floating Series Discs
  • Wave Series Discs

Solid discs are constructed using one complete segment of Japanese SUS 420 stainless steel, then heat treated to HRC 36+-2. Lightening and drill hole patterns are as per OEM designs to improve braking performance and reduce the discs temperature.

Floating discs are made from two segments of stainless steel which are riveted together to allow the outer section of stainless steel to expand under extreme temperatures. The outer section is manufactured from Japanese SUS 420 stainless steel, then heat treated to HRC 36+-2 while the discs centres are manufactured from steel or alloy. Alternative to large original discs, floating discs improve braking performance by ensuring the disc is always in perfect alignment with your pads for the perfect contact throughout all operating temperatures. Lightening and drill holes are designed to improve braking performance and reduce the disc temperature.

Finally, wave discs are engineered and designed to give your ride a great look without compromising your safety. The gentle wave design limits uneven wear that can cause pulsating resulting in required replacement. Some motorcycles OEM discs are wave designs while we have others that are designed as an alternative upgrade to OEM solid discs.