IRC - Two Wheeled Tyre & Tube Specialists



Founded in 1926 in Japan, IRC Tyre has more than 90 years of experience developing and manufacturing tyres for all types of two-wheel vehicles. IRC began making motorcycle tyres and tubes in 1952 and owns seven manufacturing plants worldwide.

Inoue Rubber Company, or IRC as it’s best known, is a global, two-wheel, tyre manufacturer based in Nagoya. The company was a leader in the development oversize motocross tyres in the 1970s and worked with moto legends such as Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward and Broc Glover in the U.S. to develop winning tyres for motocross and supercross. In the 1980s and 1990s. Today, IRC is best known for its high-quality performance inner tubes.

IRC aspires to provide riders with high-performance tyres for any condition. Our mission is simple: To provide superior and never-ending product development and customer service. Our goal is to be your number one tyre partner.