GLUETREAD - Tyre Repair Anywhere



GlueTread is a family owned business that was quite literally started in their our garage. The Auble family grew up riding ATV's, using farm equipment and enjoying the outdoors together. When the opportunity was presented to start a business around these passions, they hopped on it! 

On April 24, 2018, Dave Auble had just put a brand new set of rear tyres on his Yamaha Kodiak 450. Dave was hauling a trailer around his property with the ATV as he does so often. While backing the vehicle into a precarious position, the trailer jack-knifed and punctured the sidewall of the tyre, rendering the brand new tyre worthless. 

After overcoming some understandable disappointment, Dave began pondering how he could turn this unfortunate event into a positive. A few hours later, Dave had removed the punctured tire and cut pieces of the fresh tread off the tyre with his oscillating saw. Dave then began gluing those pieces back on to an old tyre with various adhesives he had laying around his shop.

Fast forward a few months and Dave and his son Andy had performed extensive research on the rubber and adhesive industry. After countless tests while working with a specialized adhesive manufacturer, the GlueTread formula had been finalized and GlueTread was made available to the public as the first ever solution to external sidewall repair!

GlueTread strive to make off-road vehicle owners safer and more self-reliant while helping them save money and reduce unnecessary tyre waste. GlueTread does this by continuing to innovate ways to extend the life of off-road tyres.