FLY RACING - Performance Off-Road Protection & Apparel



Established in 1998, FLY Racing has slowly become one of the largest brands in all of power sports gear and apparel. Whether you are a little ripper just starting to swing your leg over the bike or a retiree who is still a kid at heart, FLY Racing is the brand that will always be there for you. After just celebrating our 20th year, we have no intentions of slowing down. We deliver the highest quality of gear at a price point everyone can afford.

Designed by riders for riders is as simple as we can get. Each piece is nurtured from concept to showroom and you won’t find one that doesn’t surpass our highest standards. We may not have the deepest of histories, but our products speak for themselves. There is not a rider out there that we don’t have the perfect piece for. Whether it is the latest in helmet tech to keep you safe, the most lightweight and athletic gear to keep you cool, comfy and on top of the podium, or the everyday casual wear to keep you styling off the track, FLY Racing is your brand. By Riders, For Riders - WE ARE FLY RACING!